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Eugenie Sage thought about it all


Below, is what both Far North District Council and Northland Regional Council have allowed since 2014
The 2013 Reserve Management Plan emphasised the rights of the public and protection of the Reserve. When the new Mayor John Carter was elected, he facilitated the
 re-writing in 2014 of a new Reserve Management Plan favouring the boatyard while excluding public consultation


Slipway spurs were removed from Boatyard site during March 2017

Note that there is no longer any means of shifting boats onto the private boatyard property beyond the turntable as all rails have been removed. 

All boats, regardless of size, are now left on a cradle to be worked entirely or partly on our Reserve.

Legal boundary shown in red.
 Indentation shows position of removed rails

4/11/17 - Illegal work within the Reserve.

The use of mask and gloves indicates further contamination.

30/9/17- Due to boatyards refusal to use screens walkers on the North Cape to Bluff walkway are stopped
This is why Council refuses to erect a Reserve sign.
One cannot plan to have picnics, birthday parties or recreation of any kind.
There is also likely to be sails and masts spread over the grass.
It is impossible to plan for any activities on the Reserve now.
Opua Coastal Preservation Inc. have always supported the slipway easement through the Reserve for the boatyard to operate entirely within its own private land leaving this Reserve free of contamination
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