Far North District Council with it's newly inherited "delegated power" given to them by Conservation and Environment minister, Dr Nick Smith has been able to favourably make decisions for the Boatyard previously declined in three applications to the Department of Conservation Minister.

These were for easements to repair and maintain boats on  our only prime public esplanade reserve at Wall's Bay Opua. 

Not only did the FNDC grant easements in 2015 that can enable a private business to shift the boatyard operation onto the reserve, they even allocated more land, showing no attempt to protect recreation and conservation areas.

The public had not been made aware of this prior to the granting of easements. We now find that this has been part of the Boatyard's 20 year plan to take control of the Reserve and combine it with the boatyard's 20/12/17 proposal for its own private marina that will have gates to exclude the public.

This is the plan/proposal publicly notified in 2005 for public submissions and drew objections

This plan, used by FNDC in 2006 was not notified

 Here now, is the latest of further easements granted, some not notified and now covering the entire Reserve and North Cape to Bluff walkway. This has now enabled the Boatyard to transfer its maintenance and repair business onto the Public Esplanade Reserve, something that had been concealed until now. By doing so, the private land is freed up for further business interests, lodging etc.

FNDC attempt to miss-inform the public.

Changed details in the 2014 management plan.

From: Myra Larcombe, 13 Franklin Street, Opua.                  19th October. 2017.


C.E.O,  Mayor,  Elected Councillors,  Bay of Islands/ Whangaroa Community Board members.

I wish to make a formal complaint concerning the FNDC ‘s 2014 amended Walls Bay Management Plan and make the following requests:-

Page 3.  Introduction and background details: 

(a) Location.  Paragraph 3 in the 2014 amended plan has been altered and edited to change the perception of the original purpose of the boat-yard.  It now reads -

“Opua basin has been long established as a mooring area as it provided deep water anchorage shoaling to towards the beach.  To service these boats a boatyard was established on a residential property in 1966..........” 

It most certainly was not established to service boats.

Instead, read the correct version in the 2012 Draft Management Plan  :–

  “A boatyard was established on a residential section in Walls Bay from 1966.  A slipway to provide access to the private boat-yard land was constructed around 1971 on the then unformed legal road, now reserve.   The use of this slipway has always been restricted for the purpose of access only; all boatyard work has always been restricted to the private boat-yard property........”

This alteration appears to be a deliberate act by some person or persons to justify FNDC’s continued attempts to allow the privatisation and industrial use of our sole remaining flat coastal reserve that has traditionally been a favoured swimming and picnic spot.  In my opinion this is tantamount to corruption.

A small boat building operation began from 1966.  The slipway provided access to the sea from the shed.   The use of the slipway had a strict list of conditions - its use restricted solely for the purpose of launching a newly built boat.

The amended 2014 Management Plan has other errors and numerous important omissions.

Please take the necessary steps to rescind the deceptive 2014 Walls Bay Management Plan and adopt the 2012 Draft Plan.

Please also advise the name of the persons responsible for inserting this misleading information. 

11/2/18- Unsurprisingly, regardless of constant reminders, Council refuses to answer this letter.
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