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Updated at 5:48 am on 20 April 2015

Land donation lost

The Schmuck saga has caused a Bay of Islands philanthropist to change his mind about donating land to the Far North council for public use.

John Williams has already given two blocks of valuable seafront land at Paihia to the council for a scenic reserve: the Elizabeth Lucy Williams Park, in memory of his mother.

He was about to sign over a further section, worth $1.2 million, and had a rough agreement drawn up with the council.

However, he said he had decided not to go ahead, because he no longer trusted it would be protected as public reserve in perpetuity.

Mr Williams said he lost faith in the council and mayor John Carter last year, when the council used powers delegated to it by the Conservation Minister to endorse Mr Schmuck's commercial activities on the Walls Bay reserve.

Mr Williams, who is in his 80's, said he would instead sell his land with its motel unit, and give the proceeds to his favourite charity, Child Cancer.

Gift of land in Paihia now also lost
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