We want to send a huge thank you and grateful appreciation of the continued support over the last few years. 

We have had some accomplishments - the High Court Hearing that squashed the 'permission' for the Walls Bay Reserve occupation by the Boatyard as granted by council - but the fight is not over yet. We still need your help.

Easements were granted to continue using the majority of the Walls Bay Reserve for private commercial use, thereby vastly restricting the peaceful enjoyment of this beautiful bay by all New Zealanders, and our International visitors.

The granting of these easements will be challenged in the Appeals Court on the 13th of February, 2018, in Wellington - and we need your help to bring greater community awareness to our continued plight to protect this precious space. 

Our aim in challenging the granting of these easements by local authorities is to prevent a nationwide legal precedent in being established, where no part of the NZ coastline would be safe from commercial development. 

We ask you to please use your social connections to bring awareness of our mission to as many people as possible, including the media, who are also concerned about protecting our beautiful coastal countryside - both here in Opua and around Aotearoa.

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