New Railway Station  for Opua

FNDC report

D Badham

Overview of plans

A waiting game

There are many points of contention and conflicting views arising from the proposals, and a likelyhood these projects will not proceed quickly unless there is a lot more work done to remedy or alleviate issues raised.

Some give and take will be inevitable as it is in the interests of both the community and the environment that strategic activity like this along the coast is encouraged and effectively controlled but not altogether prevented. It would be unwise to put a brake on development as Opua needs growth to provide employment and work for all.

By incorporating a park and beautifying the development with landscaping out to the shore there is no reason to believe that there will be any detrimental effects long term. 

It would be important that public access to the beach was retained by having an esplanade strip to accommodate both vehicles, cyclists, kayakers and the proposed Minerva steamship passengers, due to the limited facilities presently available . There is a need to look decades ahead and plan for the projected growth of population and tourists in the locality who love camping and the outdoors etc.

Should the aquaculture and marine service providers find no other practical site elsewhere, screening must be provided by them in the form of thick native hedgerows to hide the industrial activity from the public area.

A reserve far wider than the proposed 5 metres, basically only allows for a pathway, is essential to provide amenities and be landscaped all the way out to a narrower path on the headland.

Should this park requirement significantly reduce the commercial area , there is nothing to stop them from storing items on their own property elsewhere.


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